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Hukou Township Office

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Address of Hukou Village Administration Office : No.1, Zhongyang St., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 30341, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Zhongshan Freeway, Hsinchu Interchange toward Zhudong to enter into the frontispiece of Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan, then turn right to 5th Park Road or 3rd Park Road from the first east door or turn right to 3rd Park Road and then left to Shuangyuan Road from the first south door to arrive at the Baoshan Village Government.
You can take the bus from Hsinchu to Qionglin at Hsinchu Terminal of Hsinchu Bus, and it will take you 25 minutes, and then take the bus from Qionglin to Hsinchu in the high speed rail zone when back. For the time of scheduled bus, please inquire at Xia Gong Guan station of Hsinchu Bus 886-3-5962347 or Hsinchu Terminal 886-3-5268599. ( Address : 6 Gaotie 7th Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Ticket Tel : 886-2-66268000 )
Person to contact : Peng Ruei Lin
There are passenger transport service from Zhudong to Xiaonankeng, from Zhudong to Shanzhu Lake, from Zhudong to Shishan. Tourists can get off at Beipu Station to get to Beipu.
To the north : From National Zhongshan Express No.1 to Toufen Crossroad to Line 124 at the direction of Shanwan to Taishan Road to Emei to Beipu.
To the south : From National Express No. 3 (Bei Er Gao) to Zhulin crossroad to Line 120 to Zhudong direction to Line 122 at the direction of Wufeng, turn right to Taishan Road to Beipu.
Railway: You can take the train of Neiwan Line at Hsinchu station from the Western Line and get off at Zhudong station, then take the Hsinchu Bus to Beipu and Emei.
Bus: Take the Hsinchu Bus to Beipu and Emei.
Due to the construction of 2nd Baoshan reservoir, the original passenger transportation line in Baoshan area is cancelled, and there is no line there at present.

  • Hukou Township Office
  • No.1, Zhongyang St., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 30341, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
  • Tel:886-3-5518101