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Hukou Township Office

Services for Foreigner

  1. Administer the Seal and Imprimatur
  2. Documents administration
  3. General affairs administration (property is purchased, fellow workers manage, the vehicle manages, the drawing room is given up and managed)
  4. Grind the business of doing in the test ( includes the official document to count , auditing and computer information management)
  5. Traffic Divider Beautification maintenance
  6. Road surface excavating and safeguarding
  7. Road & bridge engineering
  8. Other public projects
  9. Farmland Consolidation
  10. Improve waterways of farmland
  11. Traffic Safety facilities management
  12. Building Violations investigation
  13. Urban plan service
  14. Public Treasury’s revenue and expenditure
  15. Administration of cashier
  16. Administration of record and certificate
  17. Assisting in tax Collection
  18. Grain-production investigating
  19. It is proved that agriculture uses
  20. Soil and water conservation
  21. The forest products popularizing
  22. The animal products popularizing
  23. The aquatic products popularizin
  • Hukou Township Office
  • No.1, Zhongyang St., Hukou Township, Hsinchu County 30341, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
  • Tel:886-3-5518101